Discover Kiteboarding

Beginner Lesson

Not sure if kiteboarding is for you? Take a 2-hour “discovery” beginner lesson. We’ll teach you the basics and let you fly a small trainer kite. We also have trainer kites available for sale if you’re interested in buying one. Practice makes perfect!

Discover Kiteboarding

Power Kite Lesson

After you’ve completed the beginner lesson and have decided to go for it, you’re ready for this 2-hour power lesson. We supply all gear that you’ll need, but if you have your own gear and want to use it, the cost for this lesson is less.

Discover Kiteboarding

Semi-experienced Lesson

You already have some kite flying experience and even have your own gear. You’ve got it but you need to work on some specific skills. No worries, we will find a suitable lesson plan and cost that will fit your pocket and your objectives.

Discover Kiteboarding

Group Lesson

Snowkiting / Kiteboarding for two? You have a spouse or a friend who is also interested in our exciting sport. Book a 4-hour group lesson for 2 people. Or bring the whole family and we’ll create a suitable family group lesson. Call Gerhard at 416-720-3181 to plan it!

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At ukiteboard we provide safe, professional kiteboarding lessons as well as coach kiteboarding for more experienced riders. If you’re not familiar with kiteboarding (a.k.a. kitesurfing), it’s a sport where you speed over water or snow using a kite to harness the power of the wind and a board, skis or snowboard as your riding “vehicle”. It’s incredibly challenging, exciting and fun!
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I recommend everyone who has ever wanted to try something new, something exciting or just wants help to progress faster so they don’t waste a season like I almost did. Gerhard and ukiteboard can fast track your skills and make sure you have the knowledge and the proper tools to be successful! 

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Ukiteboard school + coaching

At ukiteboard we teach and coaching kiteboarding (a.k.a. kitesurfing). If you’re not familiar with kiteboarding/kitesurfing, it’s a sport where you speed over water using a kite to harness the power of the wind and a board as a floatation device. It’s incredibly fun! Our Headquarters is in Keswick, Ontario right at the southern-most point of Lake Simcoe at Cook’s Bay. We’re a mobile school and go where the wind is! There are a number of excellent spots in Ontario — whether it’s Oliphant, Cherry Beach and Bluffer Beach in Toronto, Lagoon City, 9th Concession on Lake Simcoe or Wasaga Beach, Allenwood Beach and Gilford we’re watching the wind and weather conditions and we’re ready to go! Not only do we teach and coach in Ontario, we’ll go anywhere in the world there is wind! Every year in the first 2 weeks of May we are in North Carolina in the Outer Banks/Cape Hatteras – the Mecca of kiteboarding in North America. In November, we’re down South either in Cuba, Margarita Island, Mexico or Florida. And next year we’re looking at going to the Island of Kos in Greece. At the moment we don’t have any trip packages but when we do, we’ll have it on this website and let you know about it in an email if you sign up to be on our list. Unique to ukiteboard kiteboarding lessons is our JET-SKI and 2-way RADIO SUPPORT. When a student first gets up on the board they Jetski Support 03will only be able to ride downwind at first. The problem with that is that the student will ride downwind fast. This will require a long and physical intense walk back to the beach where the downwind ride first started. This is no problem with our teaching system. Gerhard at will follow you on a Jet-ski providing instruction as you go with a 2-way radio mounted on the student’s helmet — he also takes videos from you kiteboarding. Later, we will use these videos that he uploads on our YouTube Channel as a teaching tool for you. At the same time you have a great video for yourself to see your progress while learning how to kiteboard – and of course you can share with your friends and family. When it’s time to go back upwind the student is usually very tired. No problem! We now have two ways to get you back upwind fast. Option 1) The Student will land the kite and wrap up the lines, then will sit on the back of the Jet-ski holding the kite and Gerhard will bring his student back upwind in just a couple of minutes. The Student can rest and relax while on the Jet-Ski. Soon the student will start to practice getting on the board again. Option 2) Gerhard will teach the student how to use and ride a Jet-ski. The student then will ride the Jet-ski back upwind while Gerhard will ride the kiteboard back upwind. While the student is riding the Jet-ski, he or she will have the opportunity to watch Gerhard fly the kite upwind to see how it’s done. Not only is riding a Jet-ski a lot of fun, it will also tremendously maximize his/her lesson time by avoiding wasting time and energy on the long walk back upwind. Come kite with us!
Ukiteboard school + coaching
Ukiteboard school + coachingTuesday, August 9th, 2016 at 10:35am
Kiteboarding isn't JUST for fun....
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Ukiteboard school + coaching
Ukiteboard school + coaching added 7 new photos to the album: Great Sunset Kiteboarding session @ Lagoon City — at Lagoon City.Monday, August 8th, 2016 at 3:21pm
Beautiful Lagoon City
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Ukiteboard school + coaching
Ukiteboard school + coaching added 12 new photos to the album: Kiteboarding Lesson with Eric and Rowan — at Holmes Point Beach.Monday, August 8th, 2016 at 3:18pm
Great Job guys...Both of you started to ride .....
Great to see one of my last years student....Guy Lancester
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Ukiteboard school + coaching
Ukiteboard school + coaching added 8 new photos to the album: Torbio's first kiteboarding lesson at Lagoon City — at Lagoon City.Monday, August 8th, 2016 at 3:14pm
Great work Torbio
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Ukiteboard school + coaching
Ukiteboard school + coachingMonday, August 8th, 2016 at 8:23am
Wow so many ways if you "Dare to Fly"
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Keiron’s first time on the board –HAPPY!


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